Program Purpose

This is the last step in your training to become a certified Cave Diver. During this course you are exposed to more sophisticated cave diving scenarios in more complex cave environments. Techniques during the previous levels of training are further refined and complex navigation skills are emphasized.

The primary focus of the Cave Diver course is to establish proper procedures for completing traverses and circuits, both simple and complex. In the scenarios presented, you are responsible for dive planning, gas management, and dive execution.

The Rule of Thirds is the guideline established for maximum penetration.

Program Prerequisites

Certifications requirements:

Candidate must hold an Introductory Cave Diver certification

Age requirement:

Candidate must be a minimum or 18 years of age

Dive experience:

Candidate must provide proof of a minimum of 100 logged dives

Program Requirements

Candidates must complete:

- A minimum of 400 minutes of overhead environment bottom time

- Minimum of eight (8) dives

Program Limitations

- Dives must begin with a minimum visibility of 6m/20ft

- Maximum penetration is limited to 1/3 of double cylinders


- Maximum depth is limited to 132 ft/40 m

- Dives must remain within no decompression limits

Program Content

Lecture includes but is not limited to:

- Academic classes

- Equipment configuration including redundancy and streamlining

- Practice running the line and making tie wraps; following guidelines with and without vision

- Perform lost line procedure

- Perform lost diver procedure

Program Duration

Minimum of four (4) days

For more specific course details please contact us at [email protected]