Program Purpose

The purpose of the Sidemount-No-Mount program is to familiarize the experienced, certified technical cave diver with the techniques, equipment, and mindset required for sidemount-no-mount diving activities in caves with tight places.

The program will enable technical cave divers to proficiently assemble and use sidemount-no-mount diving equipment and teach the cave diver the proper techniques to safely conduct cave diving activities such as small passages and restrictions.

The technical cave divers will be exposed to the conservation concerns and ethical responsibilities that present themselves during sidemount-no-mount diving activities in underwater caves.

Program Prerequisites

Certifications requirements:

Candidate must hold an IANTD Technical Cave Diver certification or equivalent

Age requirement:

Candidate must be a minimum or 18 years of age

Dive experience:

Candidate must provide proof of a minimum of 50 logged cave dives.

Program Requirements

Candidates must complete:

- A minimum of 180 minutes of cave bottom time

- Three (3) advanced cave sidemount-no-mount dives

Program Content

Lecture includes but is not limited to:

- Motivation for wanting to dive sidemount-no-mount caves

- Streamlining equipment for tight environments

- Gas management for caves with major restrictions

- Propulsion techniques for sidemount-no-mount caves

- Protocols for tank removal and replacement

- Managing major restrictions

- Emergency procedures and self rescue

- Physiological and psychological aspects of diving in sidemount-no-mount caves

- Review of accident analysis

Program Duration

Minimum of four (4) days

For more specific course details please contact us at [email protected].