Program Purpose

The purpose of the Tek Open Water Sidemount program is to familiarize the diver with advanced techniques, equipment configuration, and mindset required for technical sidemount diving.

The program will enable the diver to proficiently assemble and use technical sidemount equipment configuration and to teach the diver the proper techniques to safely conduct decompression dives that warrant the use of sidemount equipment configuration.

Program Prerequisites

Certifications requirements:

Candidate must be qualified in IANTD Advanced EANx Diver or equivalent.

Age requirement:

Candidate must be a minimum of 18 years of age

Program Requirements

Candidates must complete:

- A minimum of 160 minutes of open water bottom time

- A minimum of four (4) open water sidemount dives

Program Content

During academic classes and open water dives the diver will learn how to

- properly assemble and configure technical sidemount diving equipment

- enter/exit water with and without cylinders

- perform bubble checks

- perform valve checks

- manage gas by switching regulators

- exchange gas to decompression gas

- share gas - "S" drill procedure

- perform valve shutdowns combined with regulator switches to opposite cylinder

- perform neutral buoyancy drills

- perform cylinder rear clip removal

- drop and recover decompression cylinder(s)

- shoot a lift bag/surface marker buoy

Program Duration

Minimum of three (3) to five (5) days

For more specific course details please contact us at [email protected].