The opportunity to explore the world of underwater caves is one available to only a few. The cave environment is a beautiful, exciting, and challenging environment which demands a great deal of those who choose to enter it!

The traditional approach of a Cave Diver certification comes in three training stages which can each be taken in a three to four days period. However, as circumstances have changed and divers come from great distances and different countries with the goal of becoming a full certified cave diver we also offer the modern approach which allows a qualified diver to become a full Cave Diver in one-step involving a minimum eight days intensive program.

Those who wish to go along the modern approach it is important to understand that this program is highly rigorous and demanding—both physically and mentally. Specifics of the continuous eight-day Cavern Diver through Cave Diver program must be discussed prior to scheduling this series of courses.

The full Cave Diver program is taught on sidemount (as of the level of Introductory Cave Diver if taken individually). If you are not yet sidemount diver certified we will integrate the training in the cave diver program.

There are also a number of advanced cave diver specialty programs such as the Technical Cave Diver, Stage-Multi-Stage Diver, Sidemount-No-Mount Diver, and Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) Diver for the certified cave diver to pursue.